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Sun Rays

For this series we were inspired by things actually out in nature and what is actually natural. One thing we all agreed on that brings the most joy and happiness to our lives is the sun. The colors and the warmth it brings impact our lives every single day and we feel blessed to witness it. Through our styling, makeup, and lighting choices we tried to evoke all the different phases of the sun, whether that is the bright noon day, when it is blindly light, when it is warm oranges, the list could go on. This is an editorial series inspired by natural nature.

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Anne of Green Gables

Anne is fanciful, brave, imaginative, eager to please and romantic.

She is a dreamer, she is smart and she speaks with passion and emotion causing a change of heart and mind. Anne takes much joy in life and loves nature .

Her beloved puffed sleeves, Victorian-inspired dresses, Edwardian straw hats, ruffles, floral adornments and extravagant details emphazise youthful idealism and spirituality.

These outfits will take you to romantic villages in the past, blooming fields and luscious greenery that cover Anne's home of Green Gables.

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