ARCHIVE the mag originated a monthly print publication that has been in circulation for nearly 2 years, showcasing some of the best fashion, beauty, and editorial work globally! After figuring out our direction and purpose the last couple of years we are shifting a bit and producing quarterly publications so that we can also focus on international distribution and placing our magazines on newsstands and bookshelves globally - switching to quarterly allows us to spend 3X’s more time and energy on each issue ensuring PERFECTION. Our contributors are international, each bringing a different flare, vibe and spin on every monthly issue’s different theme. CEO/Founder Alex Morehouse acts as Chief Editor, while Melissa Banuelos has been acting as Creative Director and the backbone for this publication for the last year and a half. We have a small but dedicated team and are excited to be rapidly expanding and growing as the publication gains momentum and traction! Our goal is to give a voice to others, act as a collection of memories & stories, and to inspire other creatives to take risks and try something different and unique. We look for exciting and edgy photo series that say something and that more importantly, bring people together with one common goal: to express and create art