Anna Dellaria


San Francisco-born and Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and

performer Anna Dellaria uses her flaws to start a fire. Translating lyrical singer-songwriter

catharsis a la Jeff Buckley through bold Aretha Franklin-style delivery, she doesn’t back

down from darkness; rather, she turns it into light...

That approach has unassumingly drawn the spotlight to her after a lifetime dedicated to

the craft. Growing up in a “non-musical” household, she taught herself how to sing by

studying the likes of Lauryn Hill, Stevie Wonder, Kurt Cobain, Robert Plant, and even the

Sister Act soundtrack. Amidst a tumultuous upbringing beset by physical and mental abuse

and bouts of anxiety fueled by a broken home, music became a refuge.

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Accepted into USC’s prestigious Thornton School of Music, she devoted ten hours a day to

honing her voice—often sleeping in the practice rooms. Through the program, she caught

the attention of early supporters and industry icons Lenny Waronker and Rob Cavallo,

while performing backup vocals for John Fogerty, Chaka Khan, and more. By sophomore

year, she released her debut single “Sudden” produced by Brian Jones (Vampire Weekend,

Gwen Stefani), which garnered coverage from DJ Booth, The Four Oh Five, and Indie Shuffle, among others.

2017’s voice note recording of her demo “Bolder” landed a prominent sync on Younger and surpassed

385K organic Spotify streams in a matter of months, in addition to igniting

collaboration with Shazam and Apple Music for the songs official release.

archive the mag Anna dellaria
archive the mag Anna dellaria

With a rising profile, Ethan Allen tapped her to sing during a national campaign aired during the 2018

Academy® Awards. Everything set the stage for the release of her single “I Choose Me.”

Selected for 6 New Music Friday Playlists across Spotify - her voice captivates during

intimate verses before booming with unbridled power on the refrain. With raw

emotionality and practiced delivery, she strikes the perfect balance between intensity and

talent. Now, with over 950k Digital Streams to date, Dellaria is set to release her first 3

singles from the debut EP expected this Fall.

archive the mag Anna dellaria
archive the mag Anna dellaria

We had the privilege of sitting in when she was recording a video for her new single and what an incredible talent she is! Down to earth, sweet, attentive and


Keep your eyes peeled as this babe is about to take the music world by storm.

archive the mag Anna dellaria


Musician: Anna Dellaria


Photographer: Alex Morehouse

IG: @chiefwolfblood

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